Montana Fly Co. Tungsten Beads

Tungsten Beads

by: Montana Fly Co. | Item #: SM-730148-0000

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Value priced, high quality tungsten beads, now with countersunk holes for easier sliding around the hook bend. 20 beads per package.


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Some QC issues on smaller beads

Reviewer: A viewer from Vermont, US

I've ordered three sizes of these beads (1/16", 3/32" and 1/8"). The larger size beads were all great, almost perfectly round, heavy, and the finish looked great. The smaller sized beads were a different story. Four out of the twenty beads were mangled so badly that I couldn't put them onto a hook. Other than that, they're great.

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Great bead for the price

Reviewer: A viewer from WAYNESBORO, PA USA

I purchased these beads to get some added depth on my nymphs. The size is consistent, the holes and countersinking is symmetrical and well aligned, unlike some other "discount" beads. Bright gold color on the ones I received. The beads are smooth and not faceted, like others, but well worth the price paid. I fully expect to buy more in the future.

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Get's 'Em Down There

Reviewer: A viewer from Missoula, MT US

I almost exclusively buy MT Fly Co's tungsten beads because they just work. I strongly prefer tungsten over brass simply due to the weight. It's flexible enough to be used on the lazy rivers, but will get deep quickly in a fast moving stream. These beads look great on your nymphs & streamers and the sizing guide is pretty much right on. I've found these to be much more expensive in my local shops, so I appreciate the price break for a relatively simple bead. It would be nice if there were 25 to a pack, but it's still a decent value for tungsten bead heads. Thanks for supporting Montana!

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Awesome value for Tungs

Reviewer: A viewer from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

I am slowly switching over to tung beads (because of cost) but since I am getting better at tying, I am upping the quality of my flies. These tie on great, easy on the hook and get the fly down a little quicker. Got these with a gift card and will definately be buying more tungs.

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Great Beads

Reviewer: A viewer from Jefferson, OR US

These are the best, they have a great weight and they shine. At these prices, there even better.

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