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Montana Fly Sparkle Dumbbell Eyes

Sparkle Dumbbell Eyes

by: Montana Fly | Item #: SM-730038-0000

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quantity Size Color your price
large black nickel w/ holo blue $3.45
large gold w/holo blue $3.45
large gold w/ green $3.45
large gold w/ red $3.45
large gold w/ silver $3.45
large gold w/ yellow $3.45
medium black nickel w/ holo blue $3.45
medium gold w/holo blue $3.45
medium gold w/ green $3.45
medium gold w/ red $3.45
medium gold w/ silver $3.45
medium gold w/ yellow $3.45

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MFC Brass Dumbbell Sparkle eyes are recessed Brass Dumbbells with clear resin eyes impregnated with glitter on a holographic background, with a black pupil for most colors. They add weight and are extremely durable, and give a great look to any streamer. Colors are shown as the dumbbell finish with the background iris color. 10 pieces per package.

Other Details

The eyes of the large size are 3mm in diameter (dumbbelss 5mm overall) and the medium have 2mm diamter eyes (4mm overall).


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