Centipede Legs

by: Montana Fly | Item#: SM-720035-0000
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Montana Fly Centipede Legs
quantity Size Color your price
mini speckled brown $2.95
mini speckled olive $2.95
mini speckled red $2.95
mini speckled tan $2.95
mini speckled white $2.95
mini speckled yellow $2.95
small speckled brown $2.95
small speckled olive $2.95
small speckled orange $2.95
small speckled red $2.95
small speckled tan $2.95
small speckled white $2.95
small speckled yellow $2.95
medium speckled brown $2.95
medium speckled clear tan $2.95
medium speckled gray $2.95
medium speckled hot orange $2.95
medium speckled olive $2.95
medium speckled tan $2.95
medium tan / brown $2.95
medium speckled white $2.95
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Centipede Legs offer the best selection of colors and sizes of round rubber. Packaged in hank form to prevent kinks in the rubber. Speckled colors are barred with black except where other color(s) is/are specified above. The small and mini sizes will be in scale with your smallest flies! (See Other Details.)

Other Details

Diameters of sizes: Medium 1/40 in. (0.6mm); Small 1/60 in. (0.4mm); Mini 1/85 in. (0.3mm).


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