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Rite Bobbin

by: Merco Products | Item #: OF-900175-0000

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Like an auto mechanic's torsion wrench (before the days of air-driven wrenches), this bobbin takes the guesswork out of winding thread, and all but eliminates broken thread at the same time. Each model features a solid brass arm and a click drag adjustment to regulate the thread tension. The small diameter ceramic no-wear tube and removable vinyl grip on the standard model of this fly tying tool allows intricate work with fine thread on the smallest to large hooks. The standard model has a range of 1 to 9 oz. tension and the mag model has a range of 2 to 16 oz. The Half Hitch offers all the great features of our other Rite Bobbins, with the addtional convenience of being able to whip finish flies using the specially-tapered barrel.


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Love my Rite-Bobbin

Reviewer: A viewer from Vermont, USA

I have both a regular and a half-hitch bobbin and like them both very much. I tend towards using my half-hitch more than the other. The half hitch-function finishes off flies just as well as using a whip finisher, and I don't have to pick up a second tool to do it. The rubber rings did come loose after about 6 months of regular use but I laid down a thread base under where the rings lay and put them back on and they have held in place securely since then. So now I'm picking up a second and third half-hitch bobbin so I can have my three most used threads loaded and ready on the bobbin I like most.

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Rite Bobbins

Reviewer: A viewer from Blaine, WA US

I bought one of the Rite Bobbin holders a few yrs ago because the old style metal ones kept breaking thread and I tried one of the Rite bobbin holders very happy that I did so if you're in the market for a reasonable priced bobbin holder try one you'll be happy you did very user friendly :)

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The Best Bobbin Out There

Reviewer: A viewer from CANON CITY, CO USA

I found recommendations for this bobbin in a thread, and I'm certainly glad I took their advice. Adjustable tension works like a charm. Very smooth release. Half hitch tool is nice also.

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My Fave

Reviewer: A viewer from CLAVERACK, NY USA

I've been trying many different bobbins. The half hitch mag is by far my favorite. I have two so far and hope to end up with about 30 to avoid the need to keep re-threading every time I want to change color.

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Fragile! Do not drop or store with ceramic stem in drilled hole

Reviewer: A viewer from South Carolina

Bought the ceramic and was satisfied with the bobbin.
Nice tool for small flies. Adjustable. Made in USA

The "drag" adjustment is a little less than convenient as it is slotted metal wheel inset in the plastic hub. Something more than fingers needed to adjust, if tension is more than minimal.
Mine lasted less than 1 week before I accidentally broke off the ceramic stem. Don't drop or store in a drilled hole on a tying bench!

Replaced for about the same price with an alternate manufacturer's adjustable bobbin with much sturdier metal tube w/ ceramic tip. Also a more convenient drag adjustment knob with a visible 0-9 scale. Too bad it wasn't made in USA, but a better product at least for me.
<i>J. Stockard note: The Shorty model is one that we do not stock. That said, we also have noticed that the adjustment on the Rite bobbin can be stiff but it is an excellent tool with a feature that really works.</i>

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