Loon Outdoors Water-Based Head Finish System

Water-Based Head Finish System

by: Loon Outdoors | Item #: OF-908520-0000

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Similar to Loon's water base cement but with twice the solids content for fast head or body build-up. Fast drying, quick penetrating, non-flammable polyurethane emulsion that contains no harmful toluene. Dries completely clear, tough and waterproof. An excellent choice for tying plastic bodied or plastic ribbed flies, whose material is attacked by solvent based systems. Uses Loon's unique needle top applicator bottle with a 18 gauge needle. 1 oz. bottle.


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Reviewer: A viewer from CLARKSTON, WA USA

I finally ran out of the water-based head cement from Loon I purchased several years ago. After being unable to find the same product, and trying a couple of others, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the "system." I was surprised by how thick the cement was the first time I opened the bottle. I guess I should have bought the thinner, but did not think I would need it right off the bat. The needle applicator seems like a neat idea, but, as other reviewers have noted, it is hard to tell how much cement is coming out and how fast, plus the applicator needs to be cleaned after use, which is a bit aggravating. I guess my search for an equivalent to the old Loon water-based head cement will continue. Memo to self: Next time you find a product you like, lay in a supply before the manufacturer changes it or stops making it.

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Applicator Works Great

Reviewer: A viewer from Highlands Ranch, CO US

I'd used a cheap brand in a bottle previously and had to apply with a needle or similar tool. It was a pain and ended up drying out inside the bottle too quickly.

This is a great solution - it allows the cement to stay good longer inside the bottle and the applicator works well, when the right amount of pressure is applied.

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Great Product

Reviewer: A viewer from Belgrade, MT.

Recently started using this product and I really like the application process. Seems like it is a durable hold as well.

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This glue is awesome

Reviewer: A viewer from Warwick, RI US

This water-base glue solved the problem of living in a small apartment and using smelly head cements. This glue is great for direct application to feathers and heads alike. This glue is thin enough to apply directly to the fly, making it easier and faster to use than the traditional thick and smelly head cements.

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it's so-so

Reviewer: A viewer from Vermont

I haven't been terribly impressed by this stuff.

I thought that it'd be easier to use when tying several flies all at once, but I find that some of the product tends to dry inside the needle aplicator and needs to be cleaned out before it dries permanently, even when replacing the supplied needle stopper between flies. Also, I don't like the way it builds up at times. It seems that it doesn't penetrate the thread like the Orvis stuff I used before.

One good thing is that there are certainly less fumes than my old head cement. There's no smell at all. It can be neater than using a bodkin, but also, it's hard to tell when you're going to get some coming out the tip, and how much and how fast. As consequence of this it seems that my tying speed has slowed somewhat.

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