UV Boat Repair

by: Loon Outdoors | Item#: AC-908030-0000
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First one-part fix for hypalon watercraft. Emergency repair until you can get back home. NO mixing. Cures in seconds. Also patches fishing tubes, wet suits, Gortex, vinyl boats and similar gear. Remains flexible. Keep one handy on river trips for tears or leaks in your raft. Apply in full shade or inside, then let the adhesive cure in full, direct sunlight or under one of Loon's UV lamps. Will not cure indoors, even through a window. 1/2 oz. tube with nozzle top.


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Quick and Easy and Versatile

Reviewer: from Springwood, QUEENSLAND AU

I was introduced to this product about 5 years ago when I was trying to find a better surf candy epoxy product.

This is very simple to use and also versatile. Not only is it great to use to seal knots on braided loops, it is a great product to use on repairing loops, repairing surf candies, and even using it as the body of the candy itself.

It does come up a little tacky after exposure to UV light, but with a wipe of alcohol, it is generally fine.

UV knot sense is very strong and I would recommend this product due to its versatility and ease of use.

Regards, Michael

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