Streamside Vest Caddy

by: Loon Outdoors | Item#: AC-908000-0000
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Loon Outdoors Streamside Vest Caddy
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Bottoms Up caddy only $6.95 $5.29
Bottoms Up caddy with Aquel $12.45 $9.99
Bottoms Up caddy with Royal Gel $12.45 $9.99
medium caddy only $8.95 $6.79
medium caddy with Top Ride $17.90 $14.39
small caddy only $7.95 $5.99
small caddy with Aquel $13.45 $10.79
small caddy with Royal Gel $13.45 $10.79
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These caddies hold streamside fly treatments safe and ready to use in secure, handy clip-on holsters that are just the right size for popular Loon products. The Bottoms Up size uses a rubber suction cup that grips the bottom of your application bottle securely inside a sleeve and clips to your vest. The small, medium and large sizes are made of strong nylon and feature clip hooks to attach to your vest, lanyard or pack. The Bottoms-Up and small sizes hold a 1/2 oz. bottle inverted so the application flows instantly. The medium size holds 2 oz. bottles of desiccant/floatant and the large size holds both a 1/2 oz. bottle (inverted) and a 2 oz. bottle.


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