J:son Silicone Stonefly Nymph Legs

by: J:son Sweden | Item#: SM-730620-0000
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J:son Sweden J:son Silicone Stonefly Nymph Legs
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These soft, non-toxic silicone legs add a natural silhouette to the fly. 6 transparent pieces and 6 colored pieces per package. Instructions included, made in Sweden.


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Reviewer: from Janesville, WI.

These legs make the most realistic stone flies I have ever tied. I use them for steelhead and salmon here in Wisconsin. They are usually fished with some sort of egg fly. I have watched Kings and Steelhead make sharp turns to hit this fly. I also put them on when making a foam salmon fly which helped me to catch my first Steelhead on a dry fly. They are easily colored with a sharpie. If you haven't tried them I highly recommend them. Good Fishing

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Comparison to "Lively Legz"

Reviewer: from Pottstown, PA, USA

I'll be honest, for the price, I'd go with a product called "Lively Legz". The only two reasons why I'd go with this product instead - and they're big reasons - are the shape of the legs change depending on what size you order (whereas the lively legz seem to me to be one stock blueprint that is scaled up or down depending on the size, but not modified to the look of the natural at that size), and then second, the color selection is different between the two. Some prefer the Lively Legz colors over the J:Son, some prefer the J:son. Me? Gotta be honest, I prefer the Lively Legz, but price is a big factor that's hard to ignore, and then, I fish really fast currents almost exclusively. So summary - if you're super picky about shape, J:son is the way to go, but if you're like most fly fishers and tumbling these through a seam, the fish isn't going to get its graduation cap and spectacle out to inspect the exact shape of the leg, so save yourself 5 bucks per pack and go with Lively Legz. For slow water? Yeah, well worth it, JStockard has it right, go with the extra price, pull the trigger for the extra detail in this product, the J:son. And for Pete's sake, don't make such a big deal out of it, it's supposed to be fun!

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