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Just Simply Tools Rotating Spring Action Vise

Rotating Spring Action Vise

by: Just Simply Tools | Item #: OF-900690-0000

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The tool steel jaws of this vise can be rotated 360 degrees for winding materials and viewing. The hardened steel jaws are operated by a powerful spring action, with a lever for hook release. A chrome stem, black jaws and brass clamp fittings, with polished brass vise head and adjustment knobs are combined for a great appearance. Hex wrench included for adjustment of jaw angle.

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rotating vise

Reviewer: A viewer from michigan

i know this vise is cheap in price but i wanted another vise that was like a regal but i couldn't afford the price so i took a chance and ordered this vise and i have to say it's Great! i have a Anvil Apex rotary that i just love,also a thompson basic that i use up at the cottage for a quick fix tying vise. But i gotta tell you, this rotary is easy to grip and holds the hooks tight. Just a quick pull of the handle and you can make hook adjustments. Look, its not a Regal but if you don't have alot to spend on a vise its a prefectly good upgrade. the vise is made in india and seems to be buildt better than the ones buildt in china. i would recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade from a basic tying kit vise.

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Good Vise, GREAT BUY

Reviewer: A viewer from Akron, OH US

After reading other reviews I decided to take a risk and buy this vise. The price fit my budget. It's a good copy of a more expenseive vise($150.00). So far I've used it to tie trout and steelhead flies in size #14, and #16. It held the hooks just fine. One dislike is the angle adjustment. Too bad they couldn't used a lever or a knob to tighten the screw. They did supply an allen wrench to do the job. Don't forget to buy a material spring. I would buy this vise again if needed.

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good vise for my son

Reviewer: A viewer from New Cumberland, PA US

I purchased this vise for my ten year old son who is just getting very interested in tying. I started him out on my HMH, but had a few worries about bent vise jaws, and I remember what I did to my first vise at his age...
Out of the box the vise head would not stay positioned no matter how tight the screw was torqued with the supplied allen wrench. In fact the screw was incredibly tight in the collar to begin with. The collar was too long, and would not let the nut/screw pinch the vise head onto the stem tight enough. Rather than mess with sending it back I just removed the part and filed several thousandths off so the screw could tighten properly. Problem fixed. We have tied quite a few flies so far and my son likes the vise. The jaws are a bit out of alignment but it holds hooks very securely (medium range hooks, from 10 to 2 is what we've used). The paint is flaking off the spring handle right out of the box. It is a $35 vise, not a $350 vise, and it is worth the $35 if you are willing to make a few tweaks and live with some minor issues. It is a $35 copy of a Regal, so don't expect it to be the same quality as a Regal. My son loves the fact that he does not need to goof around with jaw tension adjustment. I would not expect it to perform well with either very small hooks or very large hooks. For "average" trout, bass, and panfish tying though, it seems to work fine.

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Not built to last!

Reviewer: A viewer from Orr, MN US

The spring design of this vise is a great copy but the materials used in construction are not built to last. The internal clamping spring snapped on mine within the first month. Also, the jaws are made of soft steel so mine became pitted from larger streamer hooks and would not hold smaller #14/16 hooks. I consider this tool a disposable travel vise. It's certainly not built for extended use.

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Not the Best

Reviewer: A viewer from Elizabeth,CO,USA

I have recently bought this vise for my brother and it performs fairly well for the price. However, it does let the hook slip often. I hold a personal preference to the Crown vise. The Crown never lets a hook slip and costs only 5 dollars more. Overall, this vise is fairly good for the price.

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