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Jacquard  Products Acid Dye

Acid Dye

by: Jacquard Products | Item #: OF-900020-0000

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jet black (639) $4.55
brown (635) $4.55
chartreuse (628) $4.55
emerald (629) $4.55
olive (634) $4.55
deep orange (606) $4.55
scarlet (609) $4.55
violet (614) $4.55
yellow sun (601) $4.55

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Extremely brilliant and colorfast, JacquardÂs Acid Dyes are concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes that yield the most vibrant results possible for protein fibers including feathers, wool and other natural material. Immersion dyeing with a Jacquard Acid Dye produces a uniform color, always a challenge for dyers. DonÂt be alarmed by the name  the only acid involved is the white vinegar (acetic acid) that you add to the dye bath. A half oz (14 g) bottle will color up to 2 lbs (0.91 kg) of fiber, depending on the depth of the shade. For some great info on how to use acid dyes check out these blog posts from Eunan Hendron about dyeing fly tying materials - Post #1 and Post #2

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