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J. Stockard Fighting Butt, Detachable

Fighting Butt, Detachable

by: J. Stockard | Item #: OR-001035-0000

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Our J. Stockard detachable fighting butts are each 2" long and are made specifically to mate with our A8 reel seats. the fighting butt comes with a threaded socket that is fitted to the reel seat. A rubber "O" ring on the fighting butt's stem ensures that the butt will not accidentally loosen from the socket.Choose from either a broad ball or narrow shape, and from black satin or gunsmoke finish on the stem and socket.

Other Details

The socket stem (designed to fit inside the butt of the blank) is just under 3/8" wide and the shoulder (designed to fit inside the reel seat) is 19/32" wide. These fighting butts will fit J. Stockard A5 or A8 reel seats, or Pacific Bay A5, A6 or A8 reel seats. They are NOT compatible with the "Y" reel seat.


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