Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads

Slotted Tungsten Beads

by: Hareline | Item #: SM-730152-0000

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Slotted beads will slide around the bend of any hook, and they are heavier than countersunk beads because less metal has been removed from the spherical shape. They are also good to use with jig hooks on which the eye is offset at an angle to the shank. 20 beads per package.


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Good weight but...

Reviewer: A viewer from Arroyo Grande, CA US

Very heavy beads. They get your fly down for sure! With the slot though, they become easily off-centered while tying, potentially leaving the slot exposed and the bead crooked. Just requires attention.

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Very heavy

Reviewer: A viewer from AK

Good for jig hooks, some of the beads have rough edges were the slots were cut.

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The bead for small gap hooks

Reviewer: A viewer from Northern, WI US

These beads work great on TMC 200 type hooks (I use Eagle Claw L052 hooks which is the same design) without having to bend open the the hook and then resetting it, which could weaken the hook. I use them exclusively for my heavier patterns I want to get down quickly.

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Good for jig heads

Reviewer: A viewer from Houston, TX

Overall I've been pleased with these. They are heavy but I like these when I want to get my fly down quickly. I haven't seen any of the quality issues others have commented on. I would definitely buy again.

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Holes too small

Reviewer: A viewer from Powell, WY USA

I have purchased these beads in several different sizes and have found that too often the hole is not large enough to accommodate the appropriate hook. I will NOT purchase these in the future and will spend more on beads that actually work.
<i><b>J. Stockard comments - </b>Because the slots allow these cones to slide around a tighter bend, the holes don't need to be as large as on plain cones. That said, they should fit hooks of the appropriate size. Please leave your own feedback on this point if your experience has been similar. Also, remember that we will gladly replace, exchange or refund any products you return in new condition.</i>

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