Hareline Round Lead Free Wire

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Round Lead Free Wire

by: Hareline | Item #: TW-000630-0000

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This wire is made of a non-toxic heavy alloy for use when you want to add weight to the hook shank and lead wire is not appropriate. Now in 5 sizes. Spool fits standard fly tying bobbins. Density is about 60% that of lead wire.


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My Wire!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Herndon, VA US

this is the wire i use for all the flies that i tie. I find that it bends very nicely, does not come undone, and cuts easily. Its a big bonus that it is lead free.

I use this wire for under body on streamers and large czech nymphs

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Lighter than lead but great for most applications

Reviewer: A viewer from Blacksburg, VA US

Love this wire, it is not as heavy as lead but it is safer to work with and still sinks pretty well. If you need to get deeper than this stuff will let you go then you need to use tungsten beads or add weight to your tippet. It tears right off just by pinching at the end of the wraps and winds very easily without breaking as easily as lead. One tip to keep the thread from slipping between the coils is to leave your tag end long when you tie in your thread and pull it back and tight alongside the coils and wrap your thread around both the tag end of thread and the wire, then turn and go the other way. This is quick to do and as long as you keep it tight allows the thread to form a "platform" for subsequent wraps to go against without slipping into the coils.

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Great weight

Reviewer: A viewer from Omaha, NE US

Easy to use and great weight to it. A great substitute for the old lead wire.

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My favorite weight

Reviewer: A viewer from Mebane, NC US

This is the only wight I use. It does everything that it should, cutting easily without dulling my scissors, wrapping easily, and not coming undone. I don't get why everybody doesn't use this leadfree wire because it's just as good as lead wire but is more environmentally friendly.

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Specific Gravity

Reviewer: A viewer from Glendale, AZ US

If I compare one on one with lead, it is a lighter product, that is why I rated it four stars. Specific gravity of lead is 11, and this product is about 7 or 8... so sink rate will be less. It is soft and does wrap the same. Great to have if around children... you don't have to worry about them getting lead poisoning by accident.

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