Pseudo Hackle _D_

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-751100-0000
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An artificial substitute for natural hackle, ready to use out of the package. Trim one edge to your desired shape and size, tie in and wind onto your hook shank. The trilobal fibers are straight and have a bright sheen. Unlike natural hackle, this material can be shipped to any country without extra customs documentation. 1/2" wide (measured edge to edge) or 1 1/2" wide; the larger size is perfect for larger patterns such as for saltwater. 4 yd. per package.


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Pseudo Hackle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Baby!

Reviewer: from Palmer, AK US

I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THIS STUFF on my tying bench! To my way of thinking there is no need for Poultry feathers any more. I ONLY tie Underwater flies. Wonderfull stuff is all I can say/type! Wish they had more colors in the large size. I only use the large size. Later, Jay

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Reviewer: from 29 Palms, CA US

this product is fantastic! It moves very lifelike in the water and lets you shape the hackle to the desired length for those smaller buggers.

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Reviewer: from Bethany, MO US

I was worried about the toughness of this product, but it has proven to be quite strong. I caught several bass and had a couple of gar bite on a woolly bugger that I tied with this hackle last year and it looked no worse for the wear at the end of the day.

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Great Synthetic Substitute

Reviewer: from Mansfield, TX US

These work great for tying buggers. When I tie them in, it takes a little time for me to get them oriented to make sure the hackles are swept back, but my 3D visualization has always been bad. I also haven't had any problems with bigger flies spiraling and winding up my line with this product.

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Learning curve to use

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

Can't really use this on the smaller flies, but for streamers and buggers it is fine. You do have to learn how to "twist" it to get it to lay how you want. I even tried it on some Amy's Ants and it work good there as well. I like how you can vary the lengths of hackle and gives it some extra shine.

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