Kiley's Exo Skin

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730706-0000
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black / blue $5.45
black / brown $5.45
black / chartreuse $5.45
black $5.45
brown $5.45
chartreuse $5.45
fl orange $5.45
fl pink $5.45
frog skin yellow & olive / brown $5.45
glow chartreuse $5.45
golden tan $5.45
grey holo $5.45
olive brown $5.45
olive / rusty orange $5.45
pewter $5.45
purple / olive $5.45
rusty orange / brown $5.45
tan $5.45
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A mix of small to large mottled color patterns on this material make it look very natural. In the selection table, the first color in color combinations is the mottling and the second color is the background (dominant) color. Single colors have mottling of darker and paler shades.


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