Ice Dub Shimmer Sheer Adhesive-Backed Sheet _D_

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-750490-0000
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green pearl $4.85 $3.19
olive $4.85 $3.19
peacock eye $4.85 $3.19
peacock green $4.85 $3.19
smolt blue $4.85 $3.19
UV red $4.85 $3.19
UV steelie blue $4.85 $3.19
yellow $4.85 $3.19
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Hareline has put its popular ice dub fibers onto a clear sheet and added a clear adhesive backing to help hold it in place to tie down or coat with head cement. Can be used for backs, cheeks and bodies. Great color range! 1 piece measuring 2" x 6" per package.


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