Hareline Hollow Tubing

Hollow Tubing

by: Hareline | Item #: SM-750160-0000

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quantity Size Color your price
1 each of 24 colors $33.05
midge blood red $1.45
midge black $1.45
midge brown $1.45
midge buckskin $1.45
midge chartreuse $1.45
midge clear $1.45
midge cream $1.45
midge dark golden stone $1.45
midge gray $1.45
midge light golden stone $1.45
midge light olive $1.45
midge mahogany $1.45
midge olive brown $1.45
midge olive $1.45
midge orange $1.45
midge peacock $1.45
midge pink $1.45
midge pheasant tail $1.45
midge purple $1.45
midge red $1.45
midge rust $1.45
midge tan $1.45
midge white $1.45
midge yellow $1.45
1 each of 22 colors $31.35
micro blood red $1.45
micro black $1.45
micro brown $1.45
micro buckskin $1.45
micro chartreuse $1.45
micro clear $1.45
micro cream $1.45
micro dark golden stone $1.45
micro gray $1.45
micro light golden stone $1.45
micro light olive $1.45
micro mahogany $1.45
micro olive brown $1.45
micro olive $1.45
micro orange $1.45
micro peacock $1.45
micro pheasant tail $1.45
micro red $1.45
micro rust $1.45
micro tan $1.45
micro white $1.45
micro yellow $1.45
1 each of 20 colors $28.45
standard blood red $1.45
standard black $1.45
standard brown $1.45
standard chartreuse $1.45
standard clear $1.45
standard dark golden stone $1.45
standard light golden stone $1.45
standard light olive $1.45
standard mahogany $1.45
standard olive brown $1.45
standard olive $1.45
standard orange $1.45
standard peacock $1.45
standard peach $1.45
standard pink $1.45
standard purple $1.45
standard red $1.45
standard rust $1.45
standard tan $1.45
standard yellow $1.45

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A wide range of colors in 3 sizes. Great for Charley's, nymphs and stoneflies.

Other Details

The tubing's outside diameter is approximately 0.02" for micro, 0.03" for midge, and 0.04" for standard.


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Easy to work with

Reviewer: A viewer from Clarkston, WA US

A friend showed me a trick to run wire through clear tubing, which makes a great segmented body (a little wax on the wire, and lubricant in the tubing). The other tubing is also great for making midge bodies or buckskin nymphs. Definitely a good product for the money.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Appalachia, VA US

This makes fantastic segmented bodies on a small black stonefly pattern that I like to tie.

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great for segmented bodies

Reviewer: A viewer from Missoula, MT US

this product is easy to use and find it great for segmenting nymph bodies especially for golden stones

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Just As good as the real thing

Reviewer: A viewer from Apo, AP US

This product is great quality equal to larva lace or liquid lace for almost half the price. Great for segimented bodies. wide range of colors and sizes. I recommend buying all three sizes with the 18 19 color packs great addition for any tying desk.

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