Fluorocarbon Furled Leader - full sink

by: Hareline | Item#: LL-251020-0000
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8 ft. 3-4 line wt. $16.95
8 ft. 4-5 line wt. $16.95
8 ft. 5-6 line wt. $16.95
10 ft. 3-4 line wt. $16.95
10 ft. 4-5 line wt. $16.95
10 ft. 5-6 line wt. $16.95
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Fluorocarbon full sinking furled leader, the ultimate in delicate subsurface presentation of nymphs and other wet flies. Hareline calls it 'the best we've ever used.' The choice of discriminating fly casters, and for good reason! Clear white color, features loop on butt end and ring on tippet end.


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