Countersunk Tungsten Beads

by: Hareline | Item#: SM-730150-0000
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Hareline Countersunk Tungsten Beads
quantity Color Size your price
black nickel 5/64" $3.55
copper 5/64" $3.55
gold 5/64" $3.55
nickel 5/64" $3.55
black nickel 3/32" $3.55
copper 3/32" $3.55
gold 3/32" $3.55
nickel 3/32" $3.55
black nickel 7/64" $3.55
copper 7/64" $3.55
gold 7/64" $3.55
nickel 7/64" $3.55
black nickel 1/8" $3.55
copper 1/8" $3.55
gold 1/8" $3.55
nickel 1/8" $3.55
black nickel 5/32" $3.55
copper 5/32" $3.55
gold 5/32" $3.55
nickel 5/32" $3.55
black nickel 3/16" $3.55
copper 3/16" $3.55
gold 3/16" $3.55
nickel 3/16" $3.55
black nickel 7/32" $3.55
copper 7/32" $3.55
gold 7/32" $3.55
nickel 7/32" $3.55
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If you want your bead head flies to sink fast, tungsten will sink them the fastest. The holes are countersunk to allow sliding easily around the bend of the hook. 10 beads per package.


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An expensive bead head

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

If you want to add that bit of extra weight tungsten is an option, but you will pay for it. I tried them and noticed it was a bit more painful to lose a fly or give one away. I prefer to stick with the brass beads and use a tuck cast. If I really need to get the fly down there is always the option of shot.

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Tungsten Beads

Reviewer: from Memphis, TN US

You can't mistake these beads for the traditional brass beads! For fast water, these will get the fly down the fish's level much quicker, and without adding weight to your leader. Even though they are a bit pricier than brass beads, it's nice to have a few in your box for special occasions.

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Countersunk Beads

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

Love the countersunk beads. Countersinking allows more weight over traditional beads.

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Magnetic !

Reviewer: from BOURGES, 18000 BOURGES FR

Hi purchase this tungsten bead. I found there weight is superior than other (generaly less or more expensive). And, some of mine is magnetic. i think the pourcentage of tungsten in the bead is more./ Excellent !

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Exactly what I needed

Reviewer: from Pinehurst, ID US

I love this product. When you are tying heavy big stone fly nymphs nothing gets the fly down in the water column faster.

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