Hareline 3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes

3D Adhesive Holographic Eyes

by: Hareline | Item #: SM-730065-0000

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The ultimate in realistic domed eyes! Have adhesive backing, provided on cards. Super pearl is an amazing color - it is semi-transparent and adopts a shade of the material it is placed over, yet keeps its pearly quality. 20 eyes per package.


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Bring your flies to life!

Reviewer: A viewer from Mississauga, Ontario CA

OK, so they're not for your #18 Adams. But if you're gearing up for dry flies, you're probably not reading about this product. These 3D eyes are just wonderful. Sure they look great on the card, but stick them on a streamer, or on the sides or top of a popper body and they just bring "life" to your fly. They'll turn a "hunk of foam on a hook" into a living, breathing Frog. I recommend using the Red and Yellow (really more of a "Chartreuse"!) in suitable sizes. Even the smallest flies can have eyes. Just remember that the adhesive on these eyes is just there for temporary use. It's just for positioning the eye. Once stuck to the fur/foam/feather/whatever, get out some sort of adhesive coating and really stick it down. Chances are that most flies that will rate getting eyes are going to get a good head-job with some head cement, epoxy, C.A., "Goop", or some other concoction, so make sure that you cover the eyes and you'll have a durable fish-getter. (The fishing theory is that most game fish will try to attack their quarry's head, and they can identify the head by spotting the eyes. On our flies, the head is the hook, and is generally in front of the hook's point, so ... )

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A must have for streamers

Reviewer: A viewer from Hinsdale, MA US

These eyes are great. I use the 1/8 size for my streamers. But to clear things up: They are not meant to just stick on your fly and stay there. They need to be epoxied in. 5min 2 part epoxy and a rotary style vise work great.

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One of my go-to eyes

Reviewer: A viewer from Houston, TX

I like these eyes for the price and the adhesive works well to hold the eyes while you glue them in place.

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Very Realistic

Reviewer: A viewer from Palm Coast, FL US

I use these exclusively for deceiver variations. I use the big (5/16) red eyes for all of my bigger snook flies and it makes a big difference. Recommended.

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Awesome addition to a baitfish pattern

Reviewer: A viewer from Sissonville, WV US

These are great. Add a little zap a gap (item # OF-900100-0000) to hold them for a greater amount of time. Also would recommend putting some softex to the head of the fly. The eyes WONT COME OFF.

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