BLACKFOOT Mongoose Vise

by: Griffin Enterprises | Item#: OF-900732-0000
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Griffin Enterprises BLACKFOOT Mongoose Vise


The Blackfoot Mongoose is the second in Griffin's newest generation of true rotary vise. Features smooth 360 degree true rotation with the hook shank aligned in the axis of rotation. Tempered steel jaws will securely grip hooks from 28 to 4/0. Comes with c-clamp base, carrying case, bobbin cradle and a material clip. Lifetime warranty, made in USA.

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Great vise!

Reviewer: from Ann Arbor, MI US

Great vise. It took me a few flies to get used to it though. The thing is that I used non-rotary vise before - it holds the fly under 45', which allows for more movement of your material-holding hand; the rotary vises have their rotary part at that very spot, which makes it a but inconvenient in the beginning, so you just need to get used to it. It took me about half a dozen flies. Another issue I had was the hook locking mechanism (you tighten the hook in the jaws with the bolt). It does not seem as efficient as those other mechanisms with a handle which lock the hook in place much faster. Again, this is just a matter of habit. At first it seemed inconvenient, now, I do not think it takes me any longer to put a hook in the vise. Aside from these two things (which are easy to get used to), the vise is great, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. I love the rotary function - I thought I could make a nice body without it, but you can make much better looking bodies (or else) with rotary function because the tension is constant at every single moment of you wrapping some material around the shank of the hook. Again, I am very happy with the vise, especially since I got it with a nice discount :)

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Very nice indeed...

Reviewer: from Parker, CO US

After much searching and reading reviews found on the internet, I "splurged" and bought this vise. I can't begin to tell you how glad I did! I have been tying for over 8 years on a generic brand vise and the Blackfoot is a major leap forward. It is built well and the jaws hold a hook like a hungry pitbull to a rawhide! The true rotary capabilities of this vise is incredible. It has made wrapping hackle, wire and chenille a dream. My flies are tied faster and neater. (Hopefully the fish will notice as well.) The Blackfoot is a great vise at a great price! I will be happy tying on it for years to come.

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Great vise for transioning to a rotary vise.

Reviewer: from Beaver Falls, PA US

I had a plain old vise that comes in a beginners kit. I wanted to upgrade to a rotary vise that I could tie on. It's ease of use is great and has terrific hook holding power. It has no problem holding my 22's and 24's. I highly recomend this vise to anyone looking for a rotary vise without breaking the bank.

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My new favorite vice!

Reviewer: from Boyd, WI US

I upgraded to this vice from a non-rotary vice and I couldn't be happier with its performance! It holds hooks extremely well and the carry case it comes with is useful for taking it wherever you want. One thing about the vice is that seemed like the jaws were in the way when I needed to pull fibers out of the way so I could tie something down, but I solved the problem by extending the jaw length through the adjustable screws. It may take a while to get used to the true rotary, but it really helps to make your tying more efficient and neater.

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Excellent Vice

Reviewer: from Coshocton, OH US

I wanted to upgrade my vice to a true rotary after several years of tying on my Griffin 3ARP. My vice is great, but the Blackfoot makes it much easier to tie flies. It is smooth, fully adjustable and holds hooks with a mighty grip. You cannot go wrong with this vice.

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