Fusion Fly Tying: Modern Steelhead and Salmon Flies

by: Greg Senyo | Item#: BV-800290-0000
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Greg Senyo Fusion Fly Tying: Modern Steelhead and Salmon Flies
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Modern Steelhead and Salmon Flies highlights 35 of the author's proven signature steelhead flies used across the Great Lakes, Pacific North West, Canada, Alaska. Many of the patterns are also very effective for Atlantic salmon and lake-run browns, and the collection taps into and keeps up with today's growing synthetic material market. Each fly design is covered with a visual and simulating guide through high resolution and complete step-by-step photography. In addition to introducing great patterns and their recipes, this book will teach you how to work with synthetic materials that include shanks, heavy wire, Fish Skulls and Fish Masks, synthetic hackles and hair, new age flash, while also incorporating beads/metal components, forming and using new epoxy techniques, Copic air brushing and dying techniques, and a host of signature synthetic fibers and dubbings. Hardcover, 344 pages.


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