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Flex Coat Lite Formula UV Finish

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Lite Formula UV Finish

by: Flex Coat | Item #: OR-092020-0000

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2 oz. Syringes $12.95

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Flex Coat's Lite Formula is especially designed for lighter, thinner coats. The Lite Formula is available in 3 packages - 2 oz. Syringes has color coded syringes and 1 oz. each of resin and hardener; the 4 oz. size has 2 oz. each of resin and hardener in squeeze bottles with nozzle caps (no syringes in this size); and a 24 cc kit with 2 large 12 cc syringes filled (1 with part " A" resin, 1 with part "B" hardener, enough finish to complete 4 average rods), 4 finishing brushes, 4 mixing cups and 4 mixing sticks.


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Good Epoxy for first timers!

Reviewer: A viewer from Heber, UT US

This is a great 2 part Epoxy thats especially good for first time rod builders! Because you can put it on in several 2-3 "thin" coats, rather than just 1 single "heavy" coat like other Epoxies, which can lead to runs and sags!! It can also be thinned with "denatured alcohol" to make it even easier to use, but it will require at least 3 coats, waiting for it to dry between coats! Usually 24 hours. If youre building youre first rod, this is probabley the easiest epoxy to use!!! If you are an experianced builder who turns out a lot of rods, the Flex Coat "Hi Build" would probabley be a better choice, as it only takes one coat. This "Lite" Epoxy can also be thinned to near water consistancy and used as Rod "finish". I thinned some with Denatured alcohol ie- 1cc resin, 1cc hardner and 1cc of denatured alcohol and wiped it on my entire blank to give it a deeper, glossier finish. Comes with measuring syringes and over all a good product!!

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Looks Great

Reviewer: A viewer from Free Union, VA US

Great finish for wraps, easy to mix and apply. Recommend using the syringes for easier measuring.

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Great product

Reviewer: A viewer from Scott Depot, WV US

I use this to build all my rods. Thin it with denatured alcohol and it will stay workable for several rods. Very easy to work with.

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transparent wraps

Reviewer: A viewer from Grand Rapids, MI US

I cut this with turps to create transparent wraps. Simply wrap with white silk and then mix flex coat lite and add turps until the mix is like water. works great!

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