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Flex Coat High Build Wrap Finish

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High Build Wrap Finish

by: Flex Coat | Item #: OR-092010-0000

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2 oz. Syringes $12.55
4 oz. $16.25

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Flex Coat is often the choice of professional rod builders who appreciate the extended pot life and self-leveling properties of this finish. The Ultra V High Build Wrap Finish formula provides a professional finish in just one coat and offers added UV protection. Available in a 2 oz. kit with color coded syringes and 1 oz. each of resin and hardener; or 4 oz. size has 2 oz. each of resin and hardener in squeeze bottles with nozzle caps (no syringes in this size).

Other Details

The 4 oz. size is the original formula, not Ultra UV.


Average Customer Rating: (9 Reviews) Write Review

Crystal Clear strong adhesive

Reviewer: A viewer from Jackson, WY US

I use a Sage rod that was a gift in 1982. Due to the age some threads were unwrapping so I used Flex Coat to keep them in place. It is easy to mix and be sure to use exact measurements of resin and hardener. My home is about 70 degrees and the epoxy dried to touch in about two hours. I placed the rod on a spin motor with 8rpm and left it till the morning. The first thing I did after waking was run downstairs to check the epoxy and it dried evenly and was crystal clear. It looked like water and the thread remained the same color. I was as happy as a puppy with a new toy.

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Fine product!

Reviewer: A viewer from Gilbert, AZ US

The high build product came in a finishing kit that I bought on this site and I have now used it to build 2 rods. I have enough left to build several more. The product works excellent, but I have found that it works even better when thinning it slightly with denatured alcohol. Mix the epoxy first then add a small amount of denatured alcohol.

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Why was I scared?

Reviewer: A viewer from JACKSON, WY USA

It was the first rod I built and I was worried about making it look good. I applied the fc high build wrap finish after carefully measuring the correct amount of resin and hardener. I placed the rod in the rod dryer and started the spinning as I brushed the finish on. The following morning I rushed to see the results and it was a clear beautiful finish. I you've it to refinish old rods and every time the result it the same. WOW

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First Time 2 Part Finish User

Reviewer: A viewer from Long Lake, NY US

Being skeptical at first soon found it easy. The enclosed syringes make exact mixing a snap. A little time spent turning the blank after application results in a great bubble free finish. One time application did it for me. Beats the old varnish method.

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Great thick single coat finish every time

Reviewer: A viewer from Valparaiso, IN US

I have used both the High Build and Lite on my newer rods with good results. (2007 to the present) This is the finish for you if you want a thick coat in a single application. I have never had a problem mixing it but I recommend the syringes to make sure you get accurate 50/50 portions. Long lasting. I recently retired 4 fly rods that I built up with Flex Coat in 1985 and the finishes are still good, with no yellowing or cracking. Back then there was only one version of Flex Coat, the thick one. My personal preference now is a thinner finish. The thick finish is just to show off and adds extra weight to the rod. Two coats of the Lite is just right and I can easily do two rods at a time.

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