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Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet

Sculpin Helmet

by: Fish-Skull | Item #: SM-730230-0000

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quantity Color Size your price
brown mini $5.55
olive mini $5.55
silver mini $5.55
brown small $5.55
olive small $5.55
brown large $5.55
olive large $5.55

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Now with the new Mini size! Similar to the original Fish Skulls, these shaped cones give you weight, profile and eyes all in one step. The realistic, flat and broad profile imitates common bottom-dwelling fish species such as sculpins, gobies and baby catfish. The small size also works very well with the Fish Skull Crawbody. There is a slot on the "nose" to fit the hook eye through. The mini size comes in silver for saltwater flies as well as olive and brown, and has oversized eyes and a hole for an optional weed guard. Package of 6 for the large and small, 8 for the mini.

Other Details

Mini size fits hook sizes 10 to 2. Small size (0.05 oz. wt.) is intended for hook sizes 6 through 1. Large size (0.1 oz. wt.) is intended for hook sizes 2 to 2/0.


Average Customer Rating: (9 Reviews) Write Review

One of their great products

Reviewer: A viewer from Newport, WA US

I live in the Rocky Mountain area of Washington state and this product is one of the best new things on the market today for fly tiers. Simple to use and helps create one of the most effective snag up resistant patterns I use. A standard woolly bugger pattern with a nice collar and some rubber legs,rigged hook barb up, is a killer for smallies, big trout and Bull Trout in our rivers with these products.

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Easy to Use

Reviewer: A viewer from Peralta, NM US

These helmets make it super easy to make heads on sculpin flies. They add a good amount of weight to the fly and make flies look neat. These are much easier and convenient than trying to spin and trim deer hair (not said they are better than deer hair though). The only downside is that they are not a versatile material. I have trouble putting a "sculpin" head on minnow patterns. Work great for patterns like sculpzilla and Galloup's Dungeon.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Winona, MN US

This is so great to use on making sculpins, streamers, and Crawfish. They add good wait to the streamer and are very realistic and alot easier then trying to cut hair to make a head. 5 stars!!

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Good Product, but be Careful

Reviewer: A viewer from Madison, VA US

These make excellent sculpin heads that impart a fantastic action on streamers. The only caveat is to slow your casting stroke down. I did not and one of my rods suffered a direct hit

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