Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet

Sculpin Helmet

by: Fish-Skull | Item #: SM-730230-0000

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brown mini $5.55
olive mini $5.55
silver mini $5.55
brown small $5.55
olive small $5.55
brown large $5.55
olive large $5.55
black large $5.55
black small $5.55
black mini $5.55

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Now with the new Mini size! Similar to the original Fish Skulls, these shaped cones give you weight, profile and eyes all in one step. The realistic, flat and broad profile imitates common bottom-dwelling fish species such as sculpins, gobies and baby catfish. The small size also works very well with the Fish Skull Crawbody. There is a slot on the "nose" to fit the hook eye through. The mini size comes in silver for saltwater flies as well as olive and brown, and has oversized eyes and a hole for an optional weed guard. Package of 6 for the large and small, 8 for the mini.

Other Details

Mini size fits hook sizes 10 to 2. Small size (0.05 oz. wt.) is intended for hook sizes 6 through 1. Large size (0.1 oz. wt.) is intended for hook sizes 2 to 2/0.


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a great product

Reviewer: A viewer from CLARKS SUMMIT, PA USA

these are very easy to work with, light enough that casting isn't a chore, but they still get the fly down to where it belongs. Just be sure to add a drop of superglue under the head and under the eyes to make sure they stay put.

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Helmets hit bottom

Reviewer: A viewer from Alger, MI US

I bought the small sized helmets to tie some sculpins for steelhead in MI. After trying them out in my local water I fell in love with them. They put your pattern to the bottom of some of the deepest holes where they are supose to be. They also cast quite easily without twisting the leader. I will definitely be purchasing some more and recommend them to anyone tying sculpin patterns!!!

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Great for largemouth

Reviewer: A viewer from Mt Pleasant, SC US

Have can't many bass using the sculpin helmet. I tie them up with rabbit strips as claws like a crawfish and drag it slow across the bottom. Great for winter bassin

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These things are awesome

Reviewer: A viewer from NJ US

These helmets are awesome for sculpin patterns. Just take your time when placing the eyes. A drop of Loctite Ultra Control Gel superglue in the socket and scoot the eye into place. Press for just a second with the blunt end of a bodkin.

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Gets your flies down

Reviewer: Jeff from Johnson City. TN

Great product for getting your streamers deep. Adds a lot of weight and gives a great sculpin look to the fly.

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