Fish-Skull Fish-Skull Baitfish Head

Fish-Skull Baitfish Head

by: Fish-Skull | Item #: SM-730220-0000

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The Fish-Skull is designed to mimic the head, eyes and gill plates of baitfish patterns. These heads are made of a lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal alloy that avoids adding excessive weight (about the same as dumbbell eyes). The center of gravity is kept below the hook shank, providing a "keel" whether the pattern is tied with the point above or below the shank. 3-D adhesive eyes are included in the package as an option to stick in the recessed eye sockets. The head has a slot on the front, allowing you to slide the head over the eye of the hook after all other material is tied. The sizes are matched with hook sizes from as small as 10 up to 4/0.

Other Details

Small: recommended hook sizes 6, 8; includes 10 skulls/pkg. Small-Medium: hook sizes 2, 4; includes 8 skulls/pkg. Medium: hook sizes 1, 2; includes 8 skulls/pkg. Large: hook sizes 2/0, 3/0; includes 6 skulls/pkg. (Skulls may fit hook sizes that are 1 size larger or smaller than recommended.)


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Fun Fish Heads

Reviewer: A viewer from Lewisberry, PA US

a fun item that continues to blur the line between "fly" and "hardware" anglers. Every single time I see these, I think of the 1979 Barnes and Barnes song "Fish Heads" and Doctor Demento, and laugh. The information video on Flymen website goes on and on about the revolutionary development of these and how they make a streamer continue to fish horizontally through the water instead of jigging, like they say happens with dumbell eyes. That of course is BS, 30-some years ago Bob Clouser's deep minnow was so successful in part for that very reason--- it's all in the way you position the weight. These are interesting and different, but in no way replace or revolutionize how to weight streamers. "FISH HEADS FISH HEADS, ROLY-POLY FISH HEADS! FISH HEADS FISH HEADS, EAT THEM UP, YUM! LOL

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Great Product! Best Price!

Reviewer: A viewer from Canton, GA US

If you are looking to add a new twist to your streamers then Fish-skulls are a great way to do it. Never worry about another imperfect thread head, these bad boys go on over the hook eye as the last step in completing your fly Genius!

Also, you won't be able to find a better price anywhere. I looked and J. Stockard has the competition beat hands down!

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best new product in years...

Reviewer: A viewer from Clarks Summit, PA US

I've been tying with these since I first saw them at my local fly shop, and I love them! Very easy to work with, just slide them over the hook eye and build a thread dam in front of them, plus, they add an ultra-realistic profile and action to any baitfish pattern, All and all, a great product.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Archie, MO US

The fish skulls have added a new edge to the fly fishing world. from the weight it adds to your fly to get it to the depth you want and the shape of the head represents many fish that your species you are targeting go after. Awesome product to add to your collection.

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My new favorite

Reviewer: A viewer from Belvidere, NJ US

These skulls are an awesome way to spruce up and modernize any new old or classic streamer. My favorite way to use them is to finish the fly just a few eye lengths back and add a veil style head of Senyo's Lazer Dub, a few drops of Loctite Ultra Control Gel superglue, press on and hold for a couple of seconds. Use the same glue for the eyes.

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