Craftfur Brush 3" Wide

by: Enrico Puglisi | Item#: SM-759998-0000
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Enrico Puglisi Craftfur Brush 3
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bright green/black $8.95
bright green/red $8.95
black/chartreuse $8.95
black/purple $8.95
bright red/black $8.95
chartreuse $8.95
chartreuse/black $8.95
chartreuse/red $8.95
dark olive/chartreuse $8.95
fl orange/black $8.95
grey olive/fl orange $8.95
grey olive/yellow $8.95
grey/white $8.95
hot pink/black $8.95
hot pink/purple $8.95
medium brown/olive $8.95
medium olive/brown $8.95
medium olive/fl orange $8.95
medium olive/sand $8.95
purple/chartreuse $8.95
purple/fl orange $8.95
sand/brown $8.95
sand/chartreuse $8.95
white/black $8.95
white/chartreuse $8.95
white/red $8.95
yellow/black $8.95
yellow/red $8.95
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This is definitely a brush that will create a fly out of the ordinary! Period. I started with the craft fur fibers, then a mix of three different EP FIBERS for the inner core and finished with the appropriate amount of EP SPARKLE with UV light reflection. The result? Once you wrap this brush in a hook you will have the inner core of one color and the outer core in a different color; glue in any of your favorite eyes and you're good to go. The color combinations are endless from saltwater to freshwater. EP CRAFTFUR BRUSH will bring yours fly creations to a different level. 6  Brush per pack


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