Diamond Fine UV Resin - 15 ml

by: Deer Creek | Item#: OF-900042-0000
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Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV Resin - 15 ml
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This UV-cure resin is totally tack free, no surface residue or stickiness. The low build version of Deer Creek resin, for saltwater and steelhead flies, stays crystal clear and hard as - well, the name says it all. 15 ml (about 1/2 oz.) per bottle. Cures with standard UV light (395-405 nm) in seconds.


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Superb product

Reviewer: from New Hampshire, USA

I've used various CCG products as well as Bondic and even 5 Second Fix from Walmart (which I don't recommend!). But, this is my first purchase of UV resin for my personal use. Their tack free claim is what drew me in and the performance of the product has me hooked forever. It is 100% tack free and you don't need a fancy $60 light to cure it. Any 395nm UV light will do the trick. I have a real cheap one that was under $10 and works just fine (it cures all CCG products I've tried it on as well).

Its thin enough to penetrate thread wraps and I love using it to build wings for Rangeley style streamers. I was told that it is not as durable as CCG. So, I cured a glob of this and a glob of CCG thin and smashed them both with my 25oz framing hammer. Guess what? Neither one could be called a glob after that!

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Outstanding Product

Reviewer: from Central PA

Exactly as advertised! I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this resin. It truly is tack-free and cures in only a few seconds. I am rethinking many of my current patterns to incorporate this UV resin. The 15ml bottle should last quite a long time.

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Tack free, but work fast

Reviewer: from Mt. Sterling, Ky

This is a great product for thread bodies or flies with synthetic materials for wing cases (such as a Copper John). However, when used for flies with a natural wing case such as turkey tail or pheasant tail be sure to work SWIFTLY. Get the resin the way you want it and cure it rapidly. Otherwise the resin will soak through the turkey/pheasant tail/mallard flank and into your thorax material, making it impossible to pick or brush out if its a dubbing. I would recommend that the maker of this resin come out with a slightly thicker version that does not soak into materials as quickly. Think Loon UV thick, minus the tack.

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Great UV Resin

Reviewer: from Maine

The Deer Creek Resin is a little pricey, but it dries hard as a rock and is completely tack free. I would highly recommend it!

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Great Hooks

Reviewer: from spokane, wa

Large but are excellent. They make great balanced flies.

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