2050 Alec Jackson Bronze Spey Hook _D_

by: Daiichi | Item#: HK-052050-0000
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This Daiichi fly fishing hook has a tapered loop up eye, sweeping bend, bronze; Uses: spey patterns. Gape measurement of size 1.5 hooks is 1/2 inch. Pack of 10 fly hooks.


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Beautiful but tragically flawed

Reviewer: from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

I was in love with this hook for about 3 years, tying just about all my coho flies on it. Beautiful proportions, sweet curves, altogether elegant look. Works good too, on scrappy bucks who just want to pull and run. Unfortunately, there were too many smart hens (and a few bucks in touch with their feminine side) who just held in the current, flopping side to side for about 5 minutes until they turned the hook into a pretzel, and popped off the point as soon as it was 45 degrees or more to the shank. The heavier weight Dai 2060 holds up better, but the Daiichi 2553 tied in as a stinger has never let me down. Seriously. Thanks Alec, it was sweet while it lasted but it's over now.

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