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Daiichi 1730 Bent Shank Nymph Hook

1730 Bent Shank Nymph Hook

by: Daiichi | Item #: HK-051730-0000

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6 25 $5.25
8 25 $5.25
10 25 $5.25
12 25 $5.25
14 25 $5.25

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This Daiichi fly fishing hook has a round bend, down eye, 3X long shank, 1X heavy wire, bent shank, bronze; Uses: stonefly nymphs, crab patterns; Sizes 6 - 14. Pack of 25 fly hooks.


Average Customer Rating: (6 Reviews) Write Review

awsome stonefly hook

Reviewer: A viewer from Mesa, AZ US

I used to always bend my nymph hooks when tying stoneflys now I can buy them already made! A must have if you like to tie stoneflys!

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Not just for nymphs

Reviewer: A viewer from Tallahassee, FL US

Try this hook for small clousers with the hourglass eyes tied near the bend - gives the fly a real 'jiggy' action. Also good for simple marabou and chenille crappie flies.

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great hook

Reviewer: A viewer from Clarks Summit, PA US

great for stoneflies, hellgrammites, dragonfly nymphs, and by far my favorite hook for crayfish patterns.

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Perfect Stonefly Hook

Reviewer: A viewer from Pinehurst, ID US

I have previously been attempting to get a good bend in my 3X hooks, but this hook is perfect for big stones, so bending is no longer necessary.

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Worth the price

Reviewer: Pete Gramp from Pottstown, PA, USA

Great for stonefly nymphs, but here's an off the wall idea - in 14s, they make a great (albeit thick-wire) oversized, funky-bent, overhackled (because of the heavier wire) Klinkhammers. Don't knock it until you try it - sounds crazy, I know, but it's caught me a pair of ~18" rainbows -in late November in PA, USA. Hook w/ UV fine and dry amber, no rib, standard peacock herl, indicator yarn post (generic but bright yellow), and golden badger hackle (way way overhackled). You're welcome, sir or madam. Just don't fish my streams :)

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