Precision Trout Leader

by: Cortland Line | Item#: LL-231010-0000
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7.5 ft. 6X / 3.4 lb. $4.95
7.5 ft. 5X / 4.4 lb. $4.95
7.5 ft. 4X / 5.4 lb. $4.95
9 ft. 6X / 3.4 lb. $4.95
9 ft. 5X / 4.4 lb. $4.95
9 ft. 4X / 5.4 lb. $4.95
9 ft. 3X / 8 lb. $4.95
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These leaders are extruded from high-tenacity copolymers for a perfect combination of high tensile strength, controlled stretch and abrasion resistance. Precisely tapered with a stiff butt and delicate, supple tip for positive turnovers and drag free drifts, each leader is treated with special additives to reduce glare and improve wet knot strength. Comes with a pre-tied Perfection loop for easy rigging.


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