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Copic Marker Copic Sketch Marker

Copic Sketch Marker

by: Copic Marker | Item #: OF-900165-0000

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quantity Color your price
amber (YR24) $6.55
black (110) $6.55
blue (FB2) $6.55
brown (E18) $6.55
caddis green (YG09) $6.55
chartreuse (FYG2) $6.55
dark blue (B29) $6.55
dark dun (W8) $6.55
dark olive (G99) $6.55
fl. blue (FBG2) $6.55
fl. pink (FRV1) $6.55
fl. yellow (FYG1) $6.55
gray (C6) $6.55
green (YG67) $6.55
hot pink (RVO4) $6.55
lt. dun (W5) $6.55
lt. olive (YG95) $6.55
olive (YG97) $6.55
fl. orange (YR68) $6.55
purple (FV2) $6.55
red (R29) $6.55
rusty fl. orange (YR27) $6.55
rust (E09) $6.55
shrimp fl. orange (FYR1) $6.55
shrimp pink (RV23) $6.55
sunshine fl. orange (Y38) $6.55
tan (E55) $6.55
violet (V04) $6.55
fl. yellow (Y08) $6.55

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Sketch markers feature 2 nibs and a wide choice of colors. Any of these markers also can serve as the ink reservoir for the Airbrush system (sold separately).

Other Details

The order confirmation and packing list that you receive will show the marker color and color code that you selected with Copic's color name added (if different).


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