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The Sort of Bear Incident

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

I had been trying to get my friend to try trout fishing for several months. To protect the innocent (or guilty, as the case may be), we will call him Harold. He was close to saying yes, but didn’t want to invest in fly fishing equipment and felt like fly casting was too complex. So, I suggested he could spin cast and watch me fly fish while we alternated fishing up the river. Harold thought this sounded reasonable and agreed to go.

A couple of days later I picked him up at his house. We had barely made it out of his driveway when he started asking me if there were any bear on the river.

I was surprised and asked, “Why are you asking?”

Harold, “We have had several bear sightings in our neighborhood over the past couple of months.”

I replied, “No kidding, I never knew there were bear in this area!” more…

800 Words and Cannibals

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

There is an Australian television series that is currently being broadcast on one of the internet streaming services called 800 Words. The plot is straight forward where an Australian writer moves his family from Sydney to a remote town in New Zealand. In Sydney he wrote a weekly column for a prominent Sydney publication that always contained exactly 800 words. He continued the tradition in New Zealand and a significant undercurrent of the show’s weekly plot was his struggle to find the right topic for his weekly column. Of course, that struggle was inevitably tied to the ongoing plot lines in the series. As in everything in fictional television, he succeeded.

A Tiger Tale

Guest Blogger: Jim Murphy, Neenah WI, long-time J Stockard customer and avid fly tyer

The seven of us had spent the night in Spearfish S.D. halfway to our final destination in the Big Horns near Burgess Junction WY. There are several small streams that we hoped to fish including the Tongue in that area. On the way, we made a brief stop to fish Clear Creek near Buffalo Wy. Clear Creek is a beautiful but raucous stream which dashes in and out between rocks and boulders as it crashes down the mountain. This otherwise trout filled dream stream is well protected by banks which are choked by willows, alders, raspberry bushes, a multitude of vines and other assorted vegetative land mines deftly twisted and entwined to frustrate any fisherman’s attempt to reach its seductive waters. 

Gary and I left the others and decided to head upstream to a section of the creek which entered a canyon. We had walked more than a mile along an old wagon road that traced the river before actually attempting to make our way to the water which was well hidden somewhere in the aforementioned jungle. We grappled our way through the underbrush, sweating and steaming, before finally reaching a bank where we could view the water.  Gary noticed a slick a hundred yards downstream and I saw some promising pocket water some 50 yards above. more…