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A Dad, A Daughter And A Small Stream

Guest Blogger: Jim Murphy, Neenah WI, long-time J Stockard customer and avid fly tyer

We sat on the bank of the stream, my daughter and I, and re-lived a day that will be entered into the photo album of my mind…forever. We had just finished fishing on a pretty little freestone stream that flowed through a flowered meadow which was literally on top of the world. We were somewhere between Red Lodge and Cook City Montana in the high country of the Beartooth/Absaroka Range.

I don’t get to do that much anymore. I mean fish with my daughter and so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped. She had moved to Colorado shortly after finishing nursing school in 1992. The pull tugged so hard she just packed her bags, picked up and left the Midwest to explore the wonders of the mountains. more…

The Jargon Forest

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come

Fly fishing cannot endure without the stream–without the fishery. While the techniques have long since branched into lake and surf, too much of the fascination and lore is bound up in moving water and the magic of pristine, free-flowing streams. So a key element to fly fishing’s survival remains the preservation of fragile dynamic habitat…preservation that requires public support. And there’s no better way to strengthen that support than by making participatory angling converts. Naturally, such conversion starts with introduction, explanation, inspiration.

I’ve always believed that unless we intend to waste our time, the key to explaining anything is Imagination. You hear the old four-item coaching list, “explanation, demonstration, imitation and repetition” (and I’d add a fifth, that being “correction”), but at the core of them all is Imagination. This holds true in casual conversation such as when a colleague at the coffee machine asks whether we did any fishing over the weekend, but it’s especially true in teaching. Imagination is the salve we must apply to our words that lets us not only formulate them accurately but tailor them to what we intend the listener to ‘get.’ more…

Cabin Fever Reliever

Guest Blogger: Jim Murphy, Neenah WI, long-time J Stockard customer and avid fly tyer

The season had ended several weeks ago and I was already starting to fight off the early symptoms of the dreaded “shanty shakes” and of fly rod withdrawal. The rods had been wiped down, the lines cleaned and the reels were spotless. Using the old alcohol spray trick I discovered several pinhole leaks and one fairly obvious leak in a four-year-old pair of waders. Some well-placed Goop was applied and I was hoping to get yet one more year’s wear before retiring yet another pair.

It was a little early to start the annual tying regime. I had already surveyed my fly boxes and had a pretty good idea of which old faithfuls I would have to replace. I had also seen several patterns in various magazines and online that seemed to be calling my name and begging to be tied. Probably cleverly designed to catch more fishermen than fish. more…