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Potter County Revisted

Guest Blogger: Mary S. Kuss, Life-long avid angler, licensed PA fishing guide, founder of the Delaware Valley Women’s Fly Fishing Association

Every year since the mid-1980’s I’ve spent a week or so fishing in north central Pennsylvania. I headquarter in Potter County, and most of my fishing is done there although I also wander out into neighboring Lycoming, Clinton, and Tioga counties. Early on I started referring to this trip as “My Sanity Fix.” I still regard it that way.

This habit got started when I was having a chat with some of my Trout Unlimited buddies about wild trout. Some of us had never caught a wild trout, others had very limited experience, and a couple of us had enough experience to know where and when to pursue them. We resolved to visit what the State Office of Tourism subsequently labeled “The Pennsylvania Wilds.” So it began. more…

Grand Kids

Guest Blogger: Phil Rispin, fly fisher, photographer & more, find Phil’s photography here

When the first one came along I was in my 50’s and to my mind way too young to be called Grandpa so I insisted on the moniker “Papa” just as my father had years before when our first one was born. To my surprise and great joy being a grandpa turned out to be a really good gig and continues to be to this day. I dragged my family and their young families into my fly fishing adventures at Frontier Lodge near Nordegg Alberta and Blue Bronna Wilderness Camps in the southern Kananaskis. Both organizations graciously allowed me to bring everyone along while I taught and ran the Fly Fishing programs. more…


Guest Blogger: Clay Cunningham, Cody WY, Former National Park Superintendent

There is a fine article in the Spring issue, 2017, of Fly Tyer magazine by Ed Van Put, entitled The Legend of Dan Cahill. Dan Cahill, it is alleged in stories, created the Cahill fly. But, the author’s extensive research, and he did an admirable job of research, could not find any contribution or source that confirmed Dan Cahill was a real person, or that he originated the pattern for the Cahill fly at all. Nevertheless, someone created the famous Cahill fly, but it appears the originator is absent in written historical references other than stories which the author could not find written references for corroboration. Quite possibly it was one of the famous Catskill fly tiers who was experimenting with derivations of Theodore Gordon’s famous contribution, the Quill Gordon. I guess we will never know. I readily admit I tied a lot of light and dark Cahill flies as a young beginning fly tier in Pennsylvania from 1948 through the 1950s. All those flies were as described in an old pattern book which I passed on to another beginning fly tier in 1994 along with my Herter’s $3.95 fly tying vise that I had been using for the previous forty-six years and it was still entirely functional. more…