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Our Newest Pro Tyer – svenddiesel

We’re pleased to introduce you to Erik Svend Svendsen of Provo, UT, the most recent addition to our Pro Tyer Team. Erik mainly ties for trout, but he really likes tying new patterns. He has a goal of #tyingoneflyaday where every day he tries to tie a fly pattern he never tried before. Sounds like a great idea to us!

A college girl friend introduced Erik to fly fishing and he was instantly hooked – to fly fishing that is. He fished for several years and then took a break. A few years ago, after a summer of diving into fly fishing seriously, he thought that the best way to understand the bugs and patterns would be to tie his own flies. He took a course in the summer of 2016 and was instantly addicted.

One of Erik’s latest creations – Firehole Outdoors hook, Nature’s Spirit Fly Tying partridge tail, Semperfli straggle string and nano silk. Hareline Dubbin gritty tungsten sealed with Loon Outdoors thin then flow.

For Erik, tying is an escape that focuses him on something so small and that only takes minutes from start to finish yet gives a real a sense of accomplishment. Tying has led to great friendships both on and off the water and helps Erik feel more involved in the sport even when he can’t fish as much as he’d like. When the occasion presents itself, Erik volunteers with the local Scout District, teaching the fishing merit badge and hosting fly tying night for the boys and leaders. He also occasionally works with troubled youth with a goal to get them ‘on the water’ whenever he can.

Erik just won the Douglas Outdoors Bass Fly Contest and was Tacky Fishing Fly Tyer of the month recently. He is a member of the Semperfli and Moonlit Hooks Pro Teams and is an Ambassador for FlySkinz, Isle Surf and Sup and Stealth Hooks. Join us in welcoming Erik. You can find him @: and


Water Visibility & Stream Trout Fishing – Part 1

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

Part 1: Water Visibility and Stream Trout Fishing – Three Different Outings

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to improve the size and quantity of fish I catch. Over the past few years, my experience helped me to piece together a factor that has substantially improved my fishing success. Understanding this factor has connected seemingly random experiences on the river that never made sense. Having said that, I realize, as we all do, that there are many factors influencing our success on the river. I am not claiming this is a “Silver Bullet” that will always lead to success. But I can say it has helped me figure out how to adapt more quickly and to consistently catch more and bigger fish. If you are interested in that, then read on!

This blog explores some influences of what I call water visibility on trout fishing. You may not know what that is as I coined the term (To the best of my knowledge I am unaware of this concept being discussed previously – if you are aware of this, please let me know). It comes from combining two familiar factors: water clarity – how deep you can see into the water, and available light – how sunny or dark it is when you fish. It is the combination of the two that unlocked how this factor influenced where fish are most likely to be under different conditions. more…

Introducing Steve Yewchuck, J. Stockard Pro Tyer

We would like to officially welcome Steve Yewchuck to our team of Pro Tyers!

Steve, who lives in Beacon NY, has been fly fishing for 30+ years and fly tying since he was 13. He started fishing for brookies at a very young age, which lead into chasing other species throughout his life. Designing and tying his own flies to catch these fish has been a real love.

After going to college for art and photography, Steve didn’t find work in his chosen field so he began guiding and selling flies and he’s been successfully involved in the fly fishing industry ever since. He helps promote and is an ambassador for Hatch Reels, Korkers Footwear, Livingston Rods, Rising Fish, Flymen Fishing Company and is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company. more…