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Simple Flies – BLM Nymph

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

When I think of simple flies, they are easy to tie with just a few steps and minimal materials. But they are also effective flies and it is that effectiveness that makes simple flies rewarding to tie. One such simple fly is the BLM nymph (it is not a fly designed by the Bureau of Land Management). The Beaded Little Mayfly (BLM) nymph is a versatile small attractor nymph effective in both rivers and still waters. By all accounts that I can find, the pattern was developed by guide and outfitter Tim Heng of Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt, Colorado along the Frying Pan river. It is a staple western US pattern that is readily available through most fly shops and online fly retailers. But it is so easy to tie, that paying for one seems silly. more…

Simple Flies – Hidalgo’s Flash Minnow

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

When you go through your pattern books, you end up tying a lot of flies that either don’t work well or you never fish. Despite the great claims in the book, some flies just don’t work for you and you abandon them. However, every once and a while you tie up one of those touted flies and it does work. So, you tie up more, continue to have success and begin the inevitable process of introducing variations. Such was my case with Hidalgo’s Flash Minnow. I tied my first one about a year ago and have had success with the pattern ever since. more…

Visiting Angler’s Bill of Rights

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

Being a lifelong angler and living in SW Montana, it is predictable that one will inevitably be asked to host or fish with visiting anglers. There’s no doubt that the rivers and lakes of SW Montana are a mecca of all sorts for trout fishers across the U.S. It happens two or three times every summer. Someone, a relative, a friend or a client is coming to Montana and wants to fish. I am mostly to blame for these opportunities, invites, impositions, adventures or whatever they might turn into as I freely advertise through pictures, videos and stories the exceptional angling in SW Montana (including Yellowstone National Park). Some of these visits are a direct result of my inviting friends or clients, especially those who I know to be avid anglers. Others come out of the blue. An email-“We’re making a trip to Montana and would like to fish, what do you suggest!” Regardless of how the visits are initiated, every year there are two or three that come to fruition. So, for the visiting angler here’s a Bill of Rights (of sorts from my perspective). more…