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Making Up For Missed Opportunities

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

Ok I admit it, I have a tendency to be that Type A guy focused on conquering the next mountain-sized challenge. About fifteen years ago, I was starting to figure out where the biggest fish in the river lived. In the last few week I had cited several of these monsters and even hooked a couple. However, I had yet to conquer landing a big one. It was early in the morning towards the end of the trout season and I had walked over a mile in the dark to arrive at “The Pool” where I had hooked and lost a very nice fish the past week.

I had unhooked my fly and started to false cast when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Then I heard a plop. I turned my head and saw to my horror another fisherman sitting on shore. He was sitting down after casting his bait into the middle of “The Hole.” Realizing I was interrupting his fishing, I stopped false casting and reeled in my line. Good thing he couldn’t read my mind – I’m not going to tell you either. But, you can probably guess what I was thinking. more…

Some Advantages of Going Barbless

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

I started fly fishing when nets were made out of thick cotton strands. If you got a barbed hook stuck in a strand it was an ordeal to get it out without ruining your net. On more than one occasion, I cut the fly off and got it out after I quit fishing. If you got the hook into one of the knots, that would at least double the amount of time to get the hook out. This convinced me it was worth trying barbless hooks.

Initially, I bent down the barbs when I was ready to use the fly on the river. I discovered that the groves in my hemostat, which doubled as a bard smasher, could mash the barb down. But, you had to really pay attention to how you lined the hook up with the grooves. Eventually I found a small pliers with flat jaws – that really sped up bending the barb down and did a much better job. more…

A Coupla Good Things to Know About Electric Fences

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

800px-Yellow-insulator-electric-fenceOver the years, I have encountered numerous electric fences. I would like to share two experiences that others may find helpful in successfully getting over these potential hazards. Failure to properly traverse these obstacles can give you a good jolt at best, and at worse can cause some serious damage.

My first losing encounter with an electric fence came early one fall morning. My good friend, Harold (we’ll call him that to protect the innocent), had flown in to fish the weekend with me. The sun was just starting to glow at the horizon as we were getting an involuntary shower from the dew covered corn stalks as we made our way towards the river. Finally, we reached the end of the cornfield and quickened our pace as we walked through the last twenty yards of chest high grass. more…