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Fly of the Month – The Double T

Fly of the Month by J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Matthew Beers, Circleville NY. Matthew is mostly known for tying traditional style Catskill flies. Find Matthew on Instagram.

I’d like to dedicate this post to James “Bucky” Sterns, my fly fly tying mentor, friend and a Catskill Fly Fishing Legend. May you rest in everlasting peace.

The Double T
The Double T (originally known as The Trout Treat) is a Caddis Pupae I developed on my home water in the Catskills of New York about 5 years ago. I envisioned a virtually indestructible fly pattern simple to tie but capable of withstanding the rough wild water of Catskill rivers as well as, God willing, hungry trout. This pattern has been tested across the United States and even been successful in Scotland & England. It can be fished by high stick nymphing methods as well as swung like a wet fly to produce savage strikes on the accent. The furled antron body with a tight wrapped dubbing collar will take a beating and a half. Great for fish after fish after fish action!

Our Catalog Cover Star

by J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Justin Bowman, Apple Valley MN. Find Justin on Instagram.

I was very pleased when J. Stockard featured one of my flies, a Vinyl Rib Caddis, on the cover of their 2018 Catalog. For those of you who’d like to try tying it yourself, here’s my recipe!

J Stockard J2 500 hook #12-16
Bead: Hareline countersunk tungsten bead – 2.4mm
Thread – UTC 70 green-olive
Rib – Midge Vinyl Rib – green
Collar 1- Ice Dub – Peacock and pheasant tail
Collar 2 – Hareline CDC – Brown
Copic marker – black
Helpful tools: Hareline dubbing spinner set with hair packer, Stonfo dubbing loop clip and Stonfo comb and brush tool more…

Fly of the Month – Nome’s Nuisance

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Nome Buckman, Portland, ME. Fly tying instructor, guide & educator. You can find her @ReelNorthLLC and on Facebook & Instagram

After an accidental one fly day  – I left all my fly boxes out to dry and out of eyesight – I had one fly on my patch when arriving at the river.  It was a very sad slump buster that did not start out all that great looking with my beginner’s hands – longer streamer hook, too lazy to put in the wire to matuka the bunny properly and so on.  It not only lasted my one day of fishing, it also landed some nice trout. It quickly became one of my ‘go to’ guide flies.  I took the best parts of a slumpbuster and matuka style flies to create a highly versatile, but very effective baitfish pattern.  I’ve found this pattern to be just as useful in larger sizes in the salt as well as in freshwater. more…