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Fly of the Month – Butterknife of Justice

Fly of the Month by Paul Beel: J. Stockard Pro Team Leader and Owner of FrankenFly

The Butterknife of Justice was designed for largemouth bass. I have always had an interest in fishing for largemouth bass and even since I began fly fishing, I have never lost that interest. I just use flies now instead of lures. This is the reason I founded the Bucket Mouth League, a loosely based organization that promotes catching largemouth bass on the fly. To me this is all about fun. Isn’t that what fly fishing is all about?

What is great, is that I can design and tie large articulated flies and use them to catch largemouth bass. However, the size of the Butterknife of Justice is the same size as many of the articulated streamers that you might have heard of that are used for large brown trout as well. Even though I haven’t tested it on brown trout yet, I am positive it will be very effective at catching them as well because the profile and action.

Firehole 718 – A Barbless, Extended Length, Natural Bend Hook

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Justin Bowman

I anticipated the release of the Firehole 718 for quite a while. I noticed over a several month period that Joe, the founder of  Firehole Outdoors, left me a couple of comments on social media posts that suggested something was in the works. However, there were never any real details released and his comments were somewhat cryptic. I recall one that was similar to “just you wait” on a post of a stimulator on a TMC 200R. Well, I waited. Turns out that I waited longer than Joe had anticipated. He recently told me that hook mold modifications added 5 months to the release date, but it is what was needed to get the hook that he wanted.

What Joe designed is a barbless, extended length, natural bend hook. This is a barbless solution to the Daiichi 1260 or a TMC 200R. I thought stimulators, hoppers, stoneflies, and terrestrials when I first saw it, but long nymphs shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, the 200R is a personal favorite midge hook of mine. I’ve long loved the bend in the shank of the 200R for nymphs because of the great profile/realistic shape it creates. more…

Fly of the Month – Mohawk Hotspot Pheasant Tail


Fly of the Month by J. Stockard Pro Tyer:  Justin Aldrich, Haversham Co. GA., find Justin on Instagram and YouTube.

This version of the Pheasant Tail Nymph is just as deadly as any Americanized version, if not deadlier on account of it’s unique Hotspot location. It’s a Hotspot Wingcase, over a glossy Bead Thorax.

Trout these days, especially on highly pressured water, have seen just about everything man has to offer. Hopefully this version will offer something different. more…