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Early to the Party

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come

At my home river they cut the autumn fishing season off a full month earlier than elsewhere in the state to allow a fall Chinook salmon spawning run to progress undisturbed. They assume mid-November through mid-December to be the spawning season, and so fishing halts a full month early–October 15th–to give the fish a chance. This river is narrow enough to cast across with a decent spey rod, and so the salmon would all be highly accessible to anglers.

But something I’ve learned in my general trout/salmon research is that a spawning run is not so precisely timed–the arrival of fish will chart like a bell curve on the calendar. The great bulk of them may show up within weeks of each other, but there are outliers. I knew for a fact that there are late arrivals when I saw a submarine-sized shape cruise past me three feet from my knees in mid-January last year, long after most of the salmon eggs would have already hatched. And so I reasoned that in early October I was likely to see a few showing up in the river a month early for the party. more…

Cabin Fever Reliever

Guest Blogger: Jim Murphy, Neenah WI, long-time J Stockard customer and avid fly tyer

The season had ended several weeks ago and I was already starting to fight off the early symptoms of the dreaded “shanty shakes” and of fly rod withdrawal. The rods had been wiped down, the lines cleaned and the reels were spotless. Using the old alcohol spray trick I discovered several pinhole leaks and one fairly obvious leak in a four-year-old pair of waders. Some well-placed Goop was applied and I was hoping to get yet one more year’s wear before retiring yet another pair.

It was a little early to start the annual tying regime. I had already surveyed my fly boxes and had a pretty good idea of which old faithfuls I would have to replace. I had also seen several patterns in various magazines and online that seemed to be calling my name and begging to be tied. Probably cleverly designed to catch more fishermen than fish. more…

The Stranger from the 1940’s

Guest Blogger Justin Aldrich

Guest Blogger: Justin Aldrich, avid fly tyer and J. Stockard customer

There we were. We fished side by side in secrecy. Strangers to each other, but a kinship to the landscape and water. He was spent with age, yet still filled with so much life and vitality.

He knew I was there, but made no acknowledgement of my presence.
After only a few minutes, I found myself there for a different purpose altogether. I was now on a small trout stream fly fishing for his approval.

His movements seemed to make no sound or wake as I followed eagerly and learned from his unintentional education.

I originally thought I had hit the jackpot as I stumbled upon his free trout lesson. Yet, much to my surprise, the greater lesson was still to come. more…