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Slimy Ladies on the Beach

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

1As the weather cooled in SW Montana, we headed south to Tampa, Florida to visit relatives (Apollo Beach to be exact) for Thanksgiving. Of course, I wasn’t going to travel that far south to one of the most varied Gulf Coast fishing destinations without a flyrod. November in the Tampa Bay region is a time of transition and finding fish can sometimes be a challenge. I had heard good reports of Pompano along the beaches, so that’s what I really prepared for, but the opportunity to fish with a friend for a couple of days found me in Tampa Bay’s backwaters as well.


Guest Blogger: Phil Rispin, fly fisher, photographer & more, find Phil’s photography here

You are showing your age if you remember the song by Carly Simon “Anticipation”. The lyrics begin with

“We can never know about the days to come but we think about them anyway”.

sceneThese words only give a small hint at the forethought that goes into a fly-fishing trip. For me, aside from studying hatch charts, tying flies, buying new gear that I think will be needed and perhaps going to the extent of building a new fly rod for the occasion, the day dreaming is the most fun. It gets bad enough that I am nearly useless to my employer for about 2 weeks prior to departure, but please don’t tell him. In my day dream I am standing in my favorite stream in Alberta casting to a rising Rainbow Trout that is about 18” long. The walls of the river valley are fairly steep on either side of the river, there is high Cirrus cloud in the blue sky, a cool breeze wafts down the valley and the water is incredibly cold making me shiver just a little in spite of waders and a fleece liner. I’ve put a #16 Adams on the end of a long 15’ leader and tippet; the casting is going well, no tailing loops and thus no wind knots. The water flowing around my knees is so clear you can see every detail on the pebbles at my feet and there is the sound of riffled water just behind me. I wonder if I should be carrying some kind of Bear protection because a sow with a couple of cubs was spotted in this area a week ago. I talked with a Fish and Wildlife officer this morning and they were concerned about fishermen……… wait a minute this is just a day dream. You see I can get carried away. It is often true that the anticipation and preparation for a trip can be just about as much fun as the actual trip itself. Sometimes the trip doesn’t come up to expectations but as often as not it does. more…

Learning From The River: Humility

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury MN

If nothing else, the river will teach one humility, “brutally and repeatedly” as one of my fishing partner’s says. Another friend says, “It’s not that I am opposed to learning, I’m just not that good at it.” I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I have to plead guilty to that statement. I have been a slow learner on humility. Let me share some of the situations that have helped me get this lesson firmly embedded into my psyche.

Picture of my son with his 4.5 lb., 24” brown

Picture of my son with his 4.5 lb., 24” brown

In 1997, our family decided to take a two-week camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. The only reason I remember the year is that our oldest son was 16 and could help with the driving. We left after work on Friday night and arrived early afternoon on Saturday having traveled about 1,100 miles.

I had managed to sell the idea that the kids were old enough to enjoy seeing the natural wonders in the park. I had been there twice before and was looking for a good reason to return. Of course, I did not dwell on the fact that it offered some fantastic trout fishing as well. No matter, that was going to become imminently clear as time wore on. more…