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Bestway Super Hair

Super Hair

by: Bestway | Item #: SM-760030-0000

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An 11" long crinkly nylon that has become a staple item for saltwater tyers. Similar to Unique hair, but its coarser texture gives a bigger profile for larger flies.This product is being discontinued, and a very good substitute is Supreme Hair. (See "You Might Also Like" above.)


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Great for Saltwater and Freshwater

Reviewer: A viewer from Floral Park, NY US

Although super hair does a great job on producing saltwater flies like shrimp and clousers, it is exceptionally good to use to tie Charlie Craven's jujubee midge patterns and it is also good at creating contrasting ribs on nymphal patterns. Great product that comes in a good number of colors and its versatility is limited only by your imagination. Have fun tying - tight lines!

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Versitle and Cheap

Reviewer: A viewer from BOURG, LA USA

I use this as a substitute for chartreuse bucktail on my Clouser deep minnows. I find it gives the fly a better profile and more of a flash than the hair. Great stuff

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better flytying fiber for tying shrimp

Reviewer: A viewer from Fortaleza, CearĂ¡ BR

for those who want to tie ultra-shrimp (the most realistic shrimp that exists!) should try this fiber. it gives the body a very good shape.
colors are very bright, and i use this fiber for a lot of different patterns, salt or freshwater patterns.

try this!


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Nice durable fiber!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Deer Park, NY US

Great for adding some reflective sparkle to saltwater flies and teasers. Very natural looking in the water.

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Super Hair for Saltwater

Reviewer: A viewer from Las Vegas, NV US

Just got back from a trip to the Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Mexico. I took patterns tied with Super Hair and bucktail. The bucktail flies were chewed up in a fish or two while the Super Hair flies lasted significantly longer. Great stuff!!!

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