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Batson Enterprises Dream Reamer

Dream Reamer

by: Batson Enterprises | Item #: OR-001150-0000

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quantity Option your price
4 tapers in kit $71.95
light/med shaft and handle $24.95
med/heavy shaft and handle $24.95
replacement sandpaper $6.95

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Batson's Forecast Dream Reamer is the custom rod builder's ideal answer to reaming cork grips to fit blanks. This tool is available in either a kit with 4 shafts of different sizes for any size rod and a universal handle, or as an individual shaft with a handle. The threaded tapered fiberglass shafts can be used with the handle or with a portable low RPM drill, using the metal sleeve on the base for chucking. The sandpaper on the shaft cuts through cork like a hot knife through butter, and is durable enough for several pieces of cork. (Not recommended for manufacturing environments.) Replacement 36 grit sandpaper is available in packages of 4 rolls and can be glued to the shaft with Zap Gel or rod bond.

Other Details

Shaft diameters: light/med - 0.220" - 0.375"; med/heavy - 0.340" - 0.475"; kit includes 4 shafts up to 0.685".


Average Customer Rating: (3 Reviews) Write Review

Reaming a cork can be easy.

Reviewer: A viewer from JACKSON, WY USA

I'm glad to invest in a reamer rather than use a .25 inch round file. The reamers cut the cork much better but don't get in a hurry as you may split the cork near the top whichdoesn't look good. They are simple to use by hand or in a drill. Please be patient and enjoy the beauty of your cork.

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good reamers

Reviewer: A viewer from Little Rock AR

These reamers are really cool, I have the two smaller ones and they are perfect for fly rod making. These reamers come with a handle but I never use it, I just cuck in the drill and ream away. These will cut through burl grips easily and makes the task alot easier then the hand reamers. Just be cautious when reaming burl the fiberglass will heat up and break if you get to agressive

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Works Great!

Reviewer: A viewer from Prince George, BC CA

As a new rod builder, I had been using round files to ream cork grips. I thought I would give the Dream Reamer a try. It works far better than files - no contest!! Great product!

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