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American Tackle Fly Reel Seat - AL8 Uplocking

Fly Reel Seat - AL8 Uplocking

by: American Tackle | Item #: GR-035880-0000

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quantity Option Color your price
single nut titanium $17.95 $13.49
double nut black $18.75 $14.09

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The A8 reel seat is ideal for medium to heavy rods, and provides a range of features. Available in either a single or double lock nut style and your choice of anodized finish in black or dark titanium with a matching aluminum round body. The AL8 has a standard length of 3.54" (89.92mm) for the single nut model and 4.02" (102.1mm) for the double nut model. The front hood is a fixed machined design with an outside diameter of 0.984" (25.0mm)and the inside diameter is 0.615" (15.6mm). An end cap is included with the single nut model.

Other Details

The recommended matching cork grip is American Tackle's full wells standard grip with no inletting. This reel seat fits the American Tackle removable fighting butt.


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