AK Best Tying Terrestrials, Caddis & Midges _D_

Tying Terrestrials, Caddis & Midges _D_

by: AK Best | Item #: BV-807090-0000

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In this DVD, A. K. Best shows you how to tie hoppers in different colors, red ants, red fly ants and how to tie incredibly durable bronze BugSkin beetles. Turning to caddis and midges, he also says that we only need to know how to tie a few basic patterns to imitate most caddis flies and he uses extreme close-up photography to show every detail and movement from his point of view. He also demonstrates his favorite midge patterns and shows how to use grizzly hackle and a hackle fiber wing in his work to give the illusion of movement. DVD format, 100 min.


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